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23 June , 2022  

Insurance companies of Ukraine in 2021 collected net premiums in the amount of UAH 45.987 billion, which is 14% more than in 2020 (UAH 40.350 billion), the National Bank of Ukraine reported on its website.
According to the regulator, the volume of gross insurance premiums collected by insurers last year amounted to UAH 49.708 billion, which is 10% more than a year earlier (UAH 45.185 billion). Of these, receipts from individuals amounted to UAH 27.912 billion, from reinsurers – UAH 1.890 billion (in 2020 – UAH 4.201 billion).
In addition, according to the regulator, in 2021, Ukrainian insurers paid UAH 17.671 billion of net insurance payments (+22.3% by 2020). The level of net payments increased to 38.4% from 35.8%.
According to the NBU, gross insurance payments increased by 20.9% to UAH 17.958 billion. The level of gross payments increased to 36.1% from 31.9%
According to the regulator, the volume of insurance payments owned by reinsurers in 2021 amounted to UAH 8.623 billion (+1.6%), of which non-resident reinsurers – UAH 4.9023.652 billion (+34.3%).
The regulator also reports that last year the volume of formed insurance reserves increased by 7.2% – up to UAH 36.566 billion. At the same time, with a decrease in the total assets of insurers by 1.1%, to UAH 64.209 billion, the volume of assets determined by law to represent insurance reserves increased by 2.3% compared to 2020, to UAH 47.159 billion. The volume of paid authorized capital decreased by 18.7% – to UAH 7.924 billion.
The regulator also reports that in 2021, 131.562 million contracts were concluded, while a year earlier, 120.586 million insurance contracts were concluded.
According to the NBU, the total number of insurance companies in Ukraine as of December 31, 2021 was 155, while on the same date a year earlier it was 208.

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