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9 November , 2021  

Public representatives, together with students, lecturers and the administration of International European University, planted about 900 pine trees at Holosiivskyi National Natural Park.
The organizers called this event #хвойна_туса (pine meet-up), which was supported by the Silpo supermarket chain and initiated by SD Platform NGO.
Our journalists talked to Kateryna Davydkova, the coordinator of environmental matters at SD Platform NGO, about the idea and further plans.
“I try to extensively involve the university community in ecologically vital initiatives. The idea originated from the importance to enrich our country with trees. It’s painful to watch mass deforestation and wood sales. By the way, coniferous forests destroy bacteria in our air and clean our lungs, especially after COVID-19. The #хвойна_туса initiative took place in Vinnytsia and twice in Kyiv. Our International European University regularly joins eco-initiatives and supports the environmental consciousness of young people. In general, around 900 pine trees were planted at Holosiivskyi National Natural Park. Forest officers held a workshop on the proper technique of tree planting and maintenance. Our lungs were filled with useful coniferous air. We believe that our pine trees will also produce phytoncides in a year, which are quite beneficial to human health,” Kateryna said.
It is a great pleasure that International European University promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, as forests are the lungs of our planet, which have suffered a lot this year and which recovery is crucial to each citizen. Taking the responsibility for the planet and its future, being conscious and caring about environmental problems: it’s about the IEU family.
Activists and students are going to plant more trees in the spring.