Business news from Ukraine


24 June , 2022  

Mayor of Bucha (Kyiv region) Anatoliy Fedoruk and Mayor of Bergamo (Italy) Giorgio Gori signed an agreement on cooperation and partnership, the press service of Bergamo municipality reports.
“I believe that cooperation between cities is very important. And I hope that other Italian and Ukrainian municipalities can follow the path paved by Bergamo and Bucha. We will propose the government to allocate some of the resources that Italy has decided to send to support Ukraine for this form of cooperation. Direct cooperation between cities can be a particularly effective way to address the problems of Ukrainian local communities and quickly provide concrete support,” Gori said.
In particular, Bergamo, thanks in part to the work of CESVI, a non-governmental organization that has been working in Ukraine for several weeks with various projects, will help Bucha reopen the city’s child services and kindergartens, three of which were destroyed during the occupation.
Gori also said that, at the request of Fedoruk, he would involve the Association of Architects of Bergamo for consultations on the development of urban plans and reconstruction of the city.

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