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16 December , 2021  

Since December 16, Italy has banned optional trips to its territory for Ukrainian citizens in connection with coronavirus (COVID-19) infection pandemic, including for tourism purposes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) said.
“According to the updated rules for crossing the border with the Italian Republic, in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukraine has been included in the list of countries in list E from December 16, 2021, which provides for a ban on optional travel of Ukrainian citizens, including for tourism purposes,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said on website:
An exception is made by citizens of Ukraine, holders of a residence permit in Italy, or those citizens who enter Italy for confirmed reasons of work, study, medical treatment or absolute necessity. In some cases, according to the decision of the Italian competent authorities and if there are well-reasoned reasons, the entry into the country of persons who have confirmed and stable personal relations with Italian citizens may be allowed.
Upon entry, citizens of Ukraine from these categories must complete the Passenger Locator Form, an on-line sanitary control form, available at before arrival; present a certificate (certificate) of a negative result of molecular testing (made no more than 72 hours before arrival) or express testing for COVID-19 (made no more than 24 hours before arrival); activate health surveillance procedures in medical institutions in accordance with the territory of residence and go through ten days of self-isolation, at the end of which, retesting to confirm a negative result (molecular or rapid test).