Business news from Ukraine


27 May , 2022  

Nissan Motor Ukraine, a subsidiary of the Japanese corporation Nissan Motor, has resumed deliveries of spare parts, motor oils and accessories to Ukraine from European warehouses, the company said in a press release.
“At the beginning of the resumption of operations of Nissan Motor Ukraine, the dealer network worked with spare parts that were delivered to Ukraine before February 24. But the high demand for maintenance and the efficient work of the Ukrainian representative office with the European head office of Nissan made it possible to arrange the supply of spare parts, motor oils, consumables and accessories in a much larger volume.
As reported, in April, Nissan Motor Ukraine resumed sales and maintenance of Nissan cars in the official dealer network.
The press service of the company also said that all recommended retail prices in the dealer network for spare parts, oils and consumables are fixed at the rate of UAH 33/EUR 1, deliveries of original accessories at fixed prices have begun.
“Nissan’s dealer network in Ukraine operates in almost all regions where there are dealers, even in Kharkiv, where until recently there were battles. The exceptions are Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kramatorsk and Mariupol,” the press service said.
In addition, for customers who have traveled abroad with their Nissan car, the pan-European warranty continues to be valid.

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