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Kiev Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko meets Hamburg Mayor

3 April , 2023  

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko and Hamburg Mayor Peter Chencher at a meeting in the Ukrainian capital discussed further assistance to Kiev, in particular the issue of providing autonomous emergency communication systems, Klitschko said
“Today met with the first mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg Peter Chencher. Thanked for the support and assistance of Hamburg to the Ukrainian capital. And agreed on further cooperation. We discussed with Mr. Chencher assistance of our German partners in providing Kiev with communication systems for emergency cases (in case of blackout). They are necessary today, in particular, for emergency stations, rescue workers, utilities, “- Klitschko wrote on his page on Facebook.
According to him, the issue of providing Kiev with the latest equipment for the warning system was also discussed.
“Very important for our city is the issue of safety of its residents. Kiev needs equipment for the latest warning system, which we have already begun to install. We are talking about a system for announcing air-raid alarms. To develop this system, we need more devices that work autonomously when there is no light. An example of a system that Kiev is installing now is the German one, among others. The mayor of Hamburg assured further assistance to Kiev – both in the current acute needs and in the future reconstruction of the capital of Ukraine”, – said Klitschko.
In addition, Hamburg has provided Kiev with three city buses as assistance, which are already on their way to Kiev.
Klitschko called on German partners to continue to support Ukraine until victory.
“Vladimir and I also talked to the German media and urged both the German authorities and German society to continue to support Ukraine and provide all necessary assistance for our victory and the establishment of peace in Europe,” said Vitali Klitschko.
As it was reported, Kiev and Hamburg signed the “Agreement for solidarity and future” on April 24, 2022. They agreed on a strategic partnership and support in times of crisis.

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