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Kokhava Paper Mill accelerates production growth rate to 45%

18 June , 2024  

In January-May 2024, Kokhava Paper Mill (KBF, Lviv region), which produces sanitary paper products, increased its production by 45.1% year-on-year to UAH 678.9 million, according to statistics from Ukrpapir Association.

Earlier, in the first four months of the year, the company’s production growth rate was 38.2% compared to the same period in 2023.

According to the data provided to Interfax-Ukraine, in physical terms, the production of the base paper for sanitary products increased by 27% to 22.1 thousand tons.

Production of toilet paper in rolls increased by 4.6% to 58.2 million units. KBF is confidently ranked second in terms of its output after Kyiv pulp and paper mill.

As reported, in October last year, Kokhava Pulp and Paper Mill put into operation a paper machine for the production of pulp base paper (previously, it produced only waste paper-based products). To organize such production in 2021, the CF raised EUR 13.8 million in a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Operating since 1939, the Kokhavynske Paper Mill produces base paper for sanitary and hygiene products, as well as toilet paper and paper towels. Before the new machine was put into operation, the mill had two paper machines with a total capacity of 40 thousand tons of base paper per year.

In 2023, the factory increased its production by 18% compared to 2022, to UAH 1 billion 151.2 million, and its net profit increased 2.7 times to UAH 137 million.