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Large Ukrainian tomato paste producer Agrofusion will resume work at three of its plants

20 February , 2023  

Large Ukrainian tomato paste producer Agrofusion (Agrofusion, Mykolayiv) intends to resume operations of its three tomato processing plants in Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, which were on the front line and were significantly damaged during the hostilities with Russian invaders.
The holding company is tasked with restoring the industry in the region, creating jobs and resuming exports of tomato paste from Ukraine, according to the EastFruit information and analysis platform’s website Monday.
“We built three tomato processing plants in the Mykolaiv region. These plants were among the best in Europe. Our plants are located in Zhovtnevyi (Vitovka – IF) district of Mykolaiv region and in Snegiriv region. These regions were on the front line and suffered a lot,” EastFruit quoted Agrofusion founder and director Sergei Sipko as saying.
He also clarified that now out of 2 thousand employees of the enterprises 400 people are ready to work.
“Agrofusion is a vertically integrated group of companies. Engaged in growing and processing of tomatoes for the producers of juices, ketchups and tomato sauces. Produces tomato paste under the Inagro brand that is represented in 45 countries around the world.
The group was founded in 2005 by businessman Sergei Sypko. It includes three plants (two in the Mykolaiv region, one in the Kherson region) producing tomato paste with a total production capacity of about 750 thousand tons of tomatoes per season, as well as agricultural farms in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions cultivating over 30 thousand ha of land, and two greenhouse farms.
In 2019, the Group completed construction and put into operation a vegetable drying plant in Snegirevka (Mykolaiv region) and started production of tomato powder.