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Large Ukrainian tour operator entered European market

11 February , 2023  

Ukrainian tour operator Join UP! has entered the markets of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Poland and Romania in 2022 amid war and a sharp decline in demand in Ukraine for its services, the company said in a statement Friday.
“Entering the new markets allowed us to retain a team in Ukraine. We also believe that our work in foreign markets will build confidence in Ukrainian travel brands, and after the war we will be able to significantly increase the flow of inbound tourism, which will have a positive impact on the country’s economy,” regional director of Join UP! Anton Savchenko said in the release.
As for Ukraine, the tour operator pointed out that the incomplete two pre-war months of last year accounted for 41% of total travel in 2022.
According to the release of the company, July, August and September were the busiest months of the military last year, but if you compare with similar months of last year, the total number of tours in these months fell by almost a third – to 48.6 thousand from 140.6 thousand.
In addition, as shown in the materials, the situation in the country has significantly affected the portrait of Ukrainian travelers in 2022: the number of women who traveled during the year was 4-5 times more than men. At the same time the tours are now booked more often for one person, and 77% of all travels are exclusively for adults.
In Join UP! also said that the average travel check of Ukrainians in 2022 increased by 23% compared to 2021, due to complicated logistics and rising costs of tourist services in the resort countries.
The company also said it offers transfers to Chisinau and Poland’s Rzeszow with departures to popular destinations.
“Now it is the capital of Moldova remains the most popular departure point for tourists traveling from Join UP. Since the beginning of the flights almost 51 thousand travelers traveled from there. However, the popularity of Rzeszów is also growing,” said Join UP!