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“LUN City” created an interactive map of service establishments with autonomous power supply

13 November , 2022  

The team of “LUN City” urban space research project has created an interactive map of service businesses that have autonomous power supply in order to make it easier for Ukrainians to find information about such facilities in conditions of forced power outages due to shelling of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by Russian troops.
According to the press service of “LUN” on Friday, the map “Working during a power outage” is constantly updated, available on the website and in the app. On it you can check which establishments are able to work even during a blackout, and you can add there information about the work of a cafe, store, medical center, tire fitting shop or other service by filling out the appropriate questionnaire, after which the information will be entered into this database.
“From user experience, we see that today there is a huge demand not only for basic establishments with self-catering: supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, postal services, etc. – today there is also a huge demand for self-catering in cafes at home, where you can work and have lunch, co-working rooms, car washes, hair salons. It’s super convenient to have it all on one card. You went in, checked it out, and planned your day easier”, – commented on the launch of the project Anna Denisenko, its curator.
The “LUN City” noted that most of gas stations have their own generators and fully autonomously supply themselves with electricity, and on “Novaya Poshta” you can pay and receive a parcel with the help of mobile app.
Comfy and Foxtrot retailers also indicated the possibility of working autonomously in the map, continuing to update information about the work of their stores. According to the entered data, “Silpo” chain stores are also already equipped with generators at the main points, in the near future it is planned to expand this network.

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