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Mind WinTech Summit 2023 has taken place – conference on business change management and winning technologies

5 December , 2023  

More than 700 participants, including more than 50 representatives of large businesses, gathered on November 30 at Mind WinTech Summit 2023, the largest and most effective conference dedicated to various aspects of change management and innovation during the war. This is the first such event organized by a business publication in Ukraine.
The main topic of discussion was the adaptation of Ukrainian business to military realities, the search for new growth points in these extreme conditions and the development of technologies that bring our Victory closer.
There were six mainstream panels and a separate discussion platform.
The most important trends, cases, solutions and directions of technological development of Ukraine were discussed on the main stage of the conference. In particular:
FinTech – opportunities provided by open banking, innovations and technologies in retail;
AgriTech/FoodTech – technologies that change the production and safety of food;
MilitaryTech – automation of combat units: market development and technologies that can provide a breakthrough at the front;
EdTech & Change Management – changes in the personnel policy of large companies and adaptation of personnel to the changes taking place;
IoT – cases of using smart sensors in various industries: smart resource consumption, digital cities, and digitalization of large industry;
MedTech – prospects for the development of biotechnology and genetic engineering in the Ukrainian medical industry.
What the speakers and moderators of Mind WinTech Summit 2023 discussed:
– Natalia Denikeeva, Director of the IT Industry Development Directorate at the Ministry of Digital Transformation:
“When we started the ministry, we were told ‘Don’t break it’… As of now, we have 720 residents in Diia.City, and mostly product companies are joining.”
– Dmytro Shymkiv, co-founder of AeroDrone:
“International MilTech companies want to work with us because we test products every day.”
– Oleksandr Lapko, CEO of RozetkaPay:
“We (with traditional banks) can find synergies and the best products that a partner can give us: good rates, access to the customer base. Therefore, we need to weigh everything together. At the moment, we see advantages in synergy, and we can build synergy with banks in a way that would be beneficial for both them and us.”
– Oleg Klymenko, Member of the Management Board of OTP Bank:
“At the moment, banks have a task that is the opposite of the development of the crypto asset industry”
– Olena Plakhova, Director of Reputation Management at Nova Poshta Group, Member of the Board of Directors:
“Nova Poshta is buying a third Boeing aircraft for its own airline”
– Vladislav Kosmin, Corporate Vice President of Boosteroid:
“By the early 2030s, 90% of gamers will use the cloud. All profits in the gaming industry will be concentrated there”

Also among the speakers and moderators of the event:
– Nadiia Omelchenko, Vice President of IT-Integrator
– Viacheslav Polinovsky, CEO of GoITeens
– Maria Shevchuk, acting executive director of the IT Ukraine Association
– Yevhen Sarantsov, Ukrainian entrepreneur, founder of and
– Anna Tigipko, founder of izibank
– Sergiy Milman, CEO of YouControl
– Olena Ero, SME expert, project manager of Unlimit Ukraine, European Business Association
– Vladyslav Kosmin, Corporate Vice President of Boosteroid.

Alongside the presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions of the main stage, the Networking Scene for media, startups, and investors was open: Q&A sessions, speed dating, pitches by technology teams and open innovation platforms, case studies, and more.
The summit was organized by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the IT Ukraine Association.
We would also like to thank our partners:
the main innovation partner Boosteroid,
financial partner OTP Bank,
partner of the IT-Integrator company,
educational partner GoITeens.
Latinium, IDS Ukraine, Founders League, Pepsico, It Interprise, Kyiv Digital, MIM, ACMP Ukraine, EBA, Laboratoria Publishing House, Ribes ua.

The media partners of the conference were:
– international business community BOARD,
– Vector media,
– Comments (,
– Lobby X,
– Ukrainian Week
– Internet portal Marketer,
– Community Founder,
– PostEat edition,
– ApiX-Drive service