Business news from Ukraine


30 November , 2021  

The toughening of quarantine rules will affect primarily unvaccinated citizens, Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko has said.“The government is forced to place the unvaccinated people under quarantine as the coronavirus is not retreating. Europe is setting a new continental record for the incidence of COVID-19, and we must take action to save the lives of citizens who have not yet been vaccinated,” he said at a briefing on Tuesday.“The largest number of changes in the quarantine rules concerns the regime in the zones of the yellow level of epidemic danger, in particular, the work of the business. If earlier it could choose the models of activity in the ‘yellow’ zone – not to check documents on vaccination or negative test, but to work in accordance with certain restrictions in the region or to check documents and work without restrictions of this level – now the business is losing such an option,” the minister said.Liashko clarified that people who have not received at least one vaccine against COVID-19 or who do not have a negative test or a certificate of recovery will not be able to take part in all public events, including cultural ones, sports, entertainment, social, religious, etc. at the “yellow” level of epidemic danger. These people will also not be able to visit cinemas and other cultural institutions, gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, will not be able to use the services of catering establishments, “bars, restaurants, cafes and other establishments will be closed for them.”At the same time, Liashko noted that the work of banks, gas stations, veterinary stores, pharmacies and all food stores in the “yellow” and “red” zones is not limited for the unvaccinated, “however, it is mandatory to comply with anti-epidemic rules – wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance of 1.5 meters.”