Business news from Ukraine


18 May , 2022  

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine at the primary auctions for the placement of military bonds on Tuesday, May 17, was able to attract UAH 7.46 billion, which is 57.4% more than a week earlier, when the Ministry of Finance managed to achieve only partial refinancing of payments on earlier issued papers.
As reported on the agency’s website, this was possible due to the growth in sales of 18-month bonds, first offered last week: if then their sales amounted to UAH 87.2 million, then this Tuesday it was UAH 3.86 billion, and the number of applications increased from 19 to 29.
Almost the same number of bonds maturing in three months were sold as at previous auctions – by UAH 1.32 billion, while sales of six-month bonds decreased to UAH 2.27 billion from UAH 3.35 billion a week earlier, with a decrease in the number of applications from 46 up to 37.
Despite the call of the National Bank to think about raising rates, the Ministry of Finance kept the rates on all bonds at the same level: three-month – 9.5%, six-month – 10% and 18-month – 11.5% per annum.