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Moldova banned cryptocurrency mining

26 October , 2022  

The Commission for Emergency Situations of Moldova has banned cryptocurrency mining in the country, as well as the import of equipment for it.

According to the decision of the Commission on Emergency Situations, this is one of the measures taken in connection with the energy crisis.

Among other measures – the requirement for the owners of the premises to use heating devices so that the temperature in the room during working hours does not exceed 19 degrees, and outside of working hours – 15 degrees. Also, the owners of the premises will have to abandon advertising, decorative and architectural lighting, as well as turn off the fountains.

In addition, indoor escalators must be suspended from 7 am to 11 am and from 6 pm to 11 pm.

At the end of October, Moldova faced an energy crisis after Ukraine stopped exporting 30% of the electricity needed by the country, and the Moldavskaya GRES cannot supply the contracted 70% due to the reduction in gas supplies to Moldova from Gazprom. So far, urgently during the period of shortage, Moldova buys electricity from Romania.