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More than 2.6 thousand companies have been established by foreigners in Ukraine since the beginning of the war

16 May , 2024  

More than 2,600 companies have been founded by foreigners in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Citizens of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Poland, and the United States are the most frequent business owners in Ukraine.

2652 companies have been opened by foreigners in Ukraine since the start of the full-scale war. In total, citizens from 100 countries invested in the country during the war.

Among all foreign businessmen, Turkish citizens were the most likely to open a business in Ukraine. Residents of the republic are listed as owners in 354 Ukrainian companies. This is 13% of the total number of new businesses with foreign beneficial owners.

Uzbek citizens are owners of 274 new Ukrainian companies and occupy the second position in the rating. This is 10% of the total number. Polish citizens round out the top three with 193 businesses, or 7% of the total number of companies with foreign owners opened after 2022.

The top list also includes citizens of the United States, Kazakhstan, Germany, Azerbaijan, and Israel. It is worth noting that one company may have more than 1 owner.

The largest business opened by foreigners since the start of full-scale operations is TENS1MA LLC with an authorized capital of UAH 1.28 billion. The owner of the business is an Armenian citizen.

The second place is taken by JSC Closed Non-Diversified Venture Corporate Investment Fund Jugen. The authorized capital of this company is UAH 700 million, and the ultimate owner is a US citizen.

LFS LLC with an authorized capital of UAH 300 million, owned by a Polish citizen, rounds out the top three.