Business news from Ukraine


15 March , 2021  

Motor (Transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine (MTIBU) introduces from March 16, 2021 new tariffs for Green Card policies for those traveling abroad by road.
According to a statement on the bureau’s website, MTIBU recalculated the cost of Green Card insurance certificates, which are being introduced downward, by an average of 4.6%
According to MTIBU, the cost of Green Card for 15 days for travel in Europe for passenger cars is reduced to UAH 807 (previously, UAH 846), for buses up to UAH 3,034 (UAH 3,180), for trucks up to UAH 1,905 (UAH 1,996).
Now, the cost of Green Card for one month is UAH 1,285 for cars (previously, UAH 1,347), some UAH 4,214 for buses (UAH 4,417), some UAH 2,528 (UAH 2,650) for trucks.
The cost of the semi-annual and annual Green Card policies for cars is UAH 4,850 and UAH 7,066, respectively, for buses is UAH 14,751 and UAH 27,396, for trucks is UAH 11,970 and UAH 22,591.
The cost of policies for trips to Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Russia for passenger cars is UAH 588 for 15 days, some UAH 865 for one month, some 1,984 for six months, some UAH 2,825 for a year.
The latest tariff changes were on January 4, 2021 upward by 3.8%, upward by 3.3% on October 19, 2020, upward by 3.1% on August 3, 2020, by 3.8% on July 24, by 3.5% June 16.
The Green Card policies have been implemented since 2009 of two types: all of Europe; Belarus, Moldova and Russia. From January 1, 2016, the Ukrainian Green Card policies started to operate on the territory of Azerbaijan.
The sizes of single insurance payments under the contracts of international compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of land vehicles were established by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated January 6, 2005 and are determined in euros.