Business news from Ukraine


13 April , 2021  

Nissan Motor Ukraine will start official sales of the updated Nissan Leaf in Ukraine this summer, according to a press release from the company.
“Nissan Motor Ukraine announces the official start of sales this summer of one of the most popular electric cars in the world. Nissan Leaf has become a pioneer in the segment of mass electric vehicles, and today it is one of the world’s bestsellers, with more than 500,000 cars sold,” the report says.
As reported, only used Nissan Leafs are currently imported to Ukraine, which for a long time held the undisputed leadership in the initial registrations of electric vehicles in Ukraine.
According to the Ukrautoprom association, in 2020 the registrations of Nissan Leaf amounted to 2,180, while Tesla Model 3 ranks second with 865 cars.
However, already in January 2021, the leadership in the Ukrainian market was seized by Chevrolet Bolt with 133 cars versus 107 Nissan Leaf cars, and by the end of the first quarter, the brands were practically equal in registrations.
The press release has not yet clarified the details, including prices and the date of the start of sales of the updated Nissan Leaf.
“This event, which many have been waiting for, became possible thanks to the mid-term plan of Nissan Next and its practical implementation in Ukraine. The official start of sales of Nissan Leaf in Ukraine is the first step in implementing the strategy of promoting Nissan electric vehicles in our country. Closer to the start of sales, we will announce the package, prices and exact dates of the start of sales,” Volodymyr Ivanov, the PR coordinator of Nissan Motor Ukraine, said on his Facebook page.
Nissan Motor Ukraine LLC, a subsidiary of Japan’s Nissan Motor Co, began operations in April 2005, and acts as an importer and distributor of Nissan and Infiniti in Ukraine.