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Over 1 mln doses of Bulgarian diphtheria and tetanus vaccine delivered to Ukraine

9 February , 2024  

More than 1 million doses of the Bulgarian diphtheria and tetanus vaccine (ADP-M) with a reduced antigen content, procured by the state-owned enterprise Medical Procurement of Ukraine (MPU), have been delivered to Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Health’s website, the next delivery will be 18,300 doses.

The Ministry of Health specifies that 75% of the vaccine will be distributed to medical institutions in the regions, and 25% of the vaccine will be stored at the national level as a reserve and can be distributed to the regions if necessary.

The vaccine is intended for free vaccinations in the diphtheria and tetanus preventive vaccination schedule and contains purified antitoxins.

Vaccination for the prevention of diphtheria and tetanus with ADP-M vaccine is carried out at the age of 16 and during the revaccination of adults.

“Despite the military challenges, the Ministry of Health managed to secure the supply of vaccines for routine vaccination,” commented Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer Ihor Kuzin.

The vaccination calendar includes vaccinations against 10 infectious diseases: tuberculosis, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and hib infection.