Business news from Ukraine


23 February , 2022  

Ukraine has recorded 25,062 COVID-19 cases, 37,432 recoveries and 297 fatalities in the past 24-hour period, the Ukrainian Health Ministry said on Wednesday.
“Ukraine saw 25,062 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 in a 24-hour period on February 22. New cases included 2,427 children and 665 medical workers. As many as 62,935 people have been inoculated against COVID-19. Of them, 16,844 received the first dose of a two-shot vaccine, and 27,071 the second one in this 24-hour period. As many as 598 people were given an additional dose, and 18,422 a booster dose. As many as 3,140 people have been admitted to hospitals, 297 patients have died, and 37,432 have recovered over the past 24 hours,” the Health Ministry’s press service said in the morning bulletin on Telegram.
Cumulatively, Ukraine has recorded 4,783,835 cases of COVID-19. The cumulative number of recoveries was at 4,023,033 as of Wednesday. The country’s COVID-19 death toll has climbed to 105,229.
Since the vaccination campaign began, 15,712,650 people have been inoculated in Ukraine. Of them, 15,175,097 have received two doses of a two-shot vaccine. As many as 27,458 people have been given an additional dose and 701,836 a booster dose, according to the Ukrainian Health Ministry.

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