Business news from Ukraine


22 June , 2018  

Over 7 million of non-polluted land in Ukraine remains unused for production of organic products, the press service of the Ukrsadprom association has reported.
The press service said that in 2016, the area of non-polluted farmland in the world was 57.8 million ha, including around 400,000 ha in Ukraine, which is in the 20th position. The share of certified organic area is around 1% of farmland in the country.
The association said that organic planting of fruit, berries and nuts in Ukraine becomes more popular.
“The general pace testifies to the gradual expansion of the areas of perennial plantations: now they occupy 5,000 hectares, with the pome fruits and stone fruits – 2,500 hectares, berries – 630 ha, strawberries – 170 ha, walnuts – 290 ha, hazelnuts – 40 hectares, other nuts – 50 hectares,” the association said.
In addition, according to its information, exports of organic gardening products are developing. In 2017, producers exported organic fruits and berries: frozen blueberries and blueberries, fresh apples, elderberry, birch sap, walnut kernels, sea buckthorn, frozen blackberries, wild rose, strawberries, cranberries, hawthorn, lingonberries and raspberries, and apple juice concentrate. The main consumers are the countries of the European Union.
“Organic products, especially fruit and berries, are in greatest demand in the EU, the United States and Canada, so the growth of organic fruits (apples, berries, nuts, etc.) is promising for Ukraine now,” Ukrsadprom said.