Business news from Ukraine


10 November , 2020  

Passenger traffic at Boryspil International Airport decreased by 65% in January-October 2020 and amounted to 4.53 million people.
As the airport said on its Facebook page on Monday, the number of transfer passengers decreased by 84.9% to 435,500, the number of flights by 57.9% to 39,800.
In October 2020, the airport served 472,500 passengers (less by 67.3%), of which 17,400 (84.9% less) were transfer.
The number of flights was more than 4,300 (56.9% less) in the past month.
As reported, Boryspil International Airport in 2019 increased passenger traffic by 21.1% to 15.260 million people compared to 2018.
Boryspil International Airport is the largest airport in Ukraine with a total occupied area of about 1,000 ha. It has two runways: the one is 4,000 meters long and 60 meters wide, the second is 3,500 meters long and 63 meters wide. There are four passenger terminals and a postal and cargo complex on its territory.

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