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Pivdenkoks reduced its net loss by 95%

31 March , 2024  

In 2023, Pivdenkoks (Kamianske, Dnipropetrovska oblast) reduced its net loss by 95.2% year-on-year to UAH 58 million 25.2 thousand.

According to the agenda of the annual meeting of shareholders, which will be held remotely, voting will begin on April 12 this year and end on April 30.

The shareholders intend to summarize the results of work in 2023 and approve the reports, as well as agree to repay the loss for the year at the expense of future periods’ profits.

In addition, the shareholders will approve significant transactions made in 2021-2023, as well as preliminary approve transactions for a year from the date of their approval, i.e. for 2024 and early 2025.

The meeting will decide on the sale of the company’s own shares, which were bought back from shareholders or acquired in any other way.

As reported, Pivdenkoks ended 2022 with a net loss of UAH 1 billion 206.942 million, while in 2021 it made a net profit of UAH 1 billion 292.672 million.

According to the third quarter of 2023, Dashuria Ltd. (Cyprus) owns 94.9565% of the company’s shares.

Metinvest B.V. (Netherlands) reported in its 2018 report that the company acquired a 23.71% stake in Pivdenkoks for $30 million.

The authorized capital of Pivdenkoks is UAH 171.918 million, with a share price of UAH 0.25.