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Poland is thinking about expanding its agricultural ports

20 May , 2024  

Grain transit through Poland has significantly decreased from January to May due to the loss of current markets in Europe and beyond, as well as a change in the vector of Ukrainian grain sales, which is 90% through the Black Sea Canal and Romania, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Wladyslaw Kosyniak-Kamysh said at a meeting with representatives of the People’s National Farmers’ Protest on Friday.

“From January to May, the transit (of grain through Poland) was halved,” Polish Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sekerski informed the meeting participants, according to the official website of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, one of the reasons for the problems in the grain market is the loss of Poland’s current markets in Europe and beyond.

“More than 90% of grain transit from Ukraine is carried out through the Black Sea Canal and Romania,” Kosyniak-Kamysh said.

He also expressed his support for the expansion of agro-ports and grain terminals, while announcing the government’s decision to unblock the waterway to the port of Elbląg.

According to Kosyniak-Kamysh, the European Union’s decision on Ukraine’s access to the community market is the last possible solution in the current formula.

“The EU’s dialog with Ukraine should last for many years. Just like our accession negotiations,” he said.

At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister called for a significant tightening of border controls to prevent the importation of products that do not meet high European standards into Poland.