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Raiffeisen Bank started issuing unsecured “green” loans to small businesses for FEZs

29 May , 2024  

Raiffeisen Bank has started issuing unsecured “green” loans to small businesses for  construction  solar power plants, as well as for the purchase of electric cars and charging stations to them.

As noted in the bank’s statement on its website on Tuesday, both FLPs and legal entities can obtain financing up to 80% of the cost of the relevant equipment and installation.

Under the terms of lending, the loan amount can be up to UAH 9 million for a period of 24 months. The interest rate is 17-19% per annum, without additional commissions.

“Thanks to the new loan program Raif contributes to decentralization of the energy system, development of electric mobility and ‘green’ recovery of Ukraine. Our business clients can reduce their risks, become energy autonomous, ensure the continuity of their work, reduce the cost of electricity and fuel. Having installed SES for loans from Raif, entrepreneurs will be able to produce “green” electricity for their own business needs, charge electric cars of their enterprises and clients with it, and sell the rest to the energy market, receiving additional income”, – commented Elena Shpirko, Raif’s business banking client segment development manager.

The bank specified that as the largest foreign lender to the Ukrainian economy, it issued UAH 1.5 billion of “green” loans to businesses, including for  construction  SES, production of solar panels, creation of biogas and biomethane plants, biofuel boilers, implementation of energy efficiency projects, etc.

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