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Rains possible in Kyiv starting Sunday evening

13 April , 2024  

On Sunday, April 14, there will be no precipitation in Ukraine at night, short-term rains in the western, evening and northern regions, thunderstorms in some places, the Ukrainian Weather Center reports.
Southwest, westerly wind, 7-12 m / s, gusts of 15-20 m / s in the afternoon in the western regions.
The temperature at night will be 7-12°, during the day 18-23°, in the south, in Transcarpathia and Prykarpattia in some places up to 26°; in the Carpathians at night 3-8°, during the day 10-15°.
In Kyiv on Sunday, no precipitation, only short-term rain in the evening. West wind, 7-12 m / s. The temperature at night will be around 10°, during the day 20-22°.
According to the Central Geophysical Observatory named after Borys Sreznevsky. On April 14, the highest daytime temperature in Kyiv was 25.4° in 1972, and the lowest nighttime temperature was -3.9° in 1928.
On Monday, April 15, there will be short-term rains in Ukraine, sometimes thunderstorms, in the southern part without precipitation.
West, southwest wind, 5-10 m / s, in the Carpathians, during the day and in the east of the country, gusts of 15-20 m / s in some places.
The temperature at night will be 6-11°, during the day 15-20°, in Transcarpathia 20-25°; in the southern part of Ukraine at night 9-14°, during the day 22-27°.
On Monday, there will be short-term rain in Kyiv. West, southwest wind, 5-10 m / s. Temperature at night 8-10°, during the day 17-19°.