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Rheinmetall provides Ukraine with mobile hospital for 9m euros

14 September , 2023  

German concern Rheinmetall has provided the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a modern mobile field hospital. It meets NATO Role 2 medical support standards, the concern’s press service reported.

The mobile field hospital is designed for 32 beds, eight of them are for intensive care, and also has an operating room, laboratory and medical equipment – X-ray and computer tomography. Its production cost almost 9 million euros.

“Rheinmetall has supplied Ukraine with a mobile field hospital. Just in September 2022, the German Ministry of Defense awarded a contract to the group’s subsidiary Rheinmetall Mobile Systeme GmbH, or RMS, for the hospital and related training support,” the press service said in a statement

The hospital has independent generating capacity and its own water supply, including therapeutic decontamination. At the same time, a German company has taken over the responsibilities of equipment support and staff training. In addition to the field hospital itself, Rheinmetall has also provided Ukraine with the necessary transportation facilities.

According to the company, Rheinmetall and RMS plan to supply Ukraine with two more highly mobile medical support facilities in late 2023-early 2024.

It is noted that the state-of-the-art field hospital is a fully self-sufficient medical support facility. It includes not only medical modules in expandable containers and tents, but also independent generating capacity and medical gas production equipment. The hospital also has its own water supply, including therapeutic decontamination, as well as billets with sanitary modules for patients and staff. The high quality of the system is evident in the details. For example, the water supply is heated and the sensitive CT scanner in the container is equipped with a spring and an elaborate transportation system, so it can be safely transported by land, sea or air and is ready for use on arrival. Designed for maximum operational mobility, all systems and equipment in the hospital are reusable.