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“Shlyakhrembud” will insure motor transport in “VUSO”

25 February , 2024  

The municipal contracting specialized enterprise for repair and construction of roads in Kharkiv “Shlyakhrembud” on February 21 announced its intention to conclude a contract with IC “VUSO” (Kiev) for the purchase of services of compulsory insurance of civil liability (OSAGO).

According to the message in the system of electronic public procurement Prozorro, the expected cost of the purchase of services amounted to UAH 1.866 million, the company’s price offer of UAH 807,210 thousand.

The tender was also attended by insurance companies “Guardian” with the offer of UAH 807,211 thousand, “Oranta” – UAH 807,212 thousand, “Arsenal Insurance”- UAH 1,395 million, SG “TAS”- UAH 1,682 million.

IC “VUSO” was founded in 2001. The company holds 50 licenses: 34 – for voluntary and 16 – for compulsory types of insurance. It is represented in all regions of Ukraine. It is a member of ITSBU and UFS, a participant of the Agreement on direct settlement of losses and a member of the Nuclear Insurance Pool.

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