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Stalkanat-Silur reduced its loss by 92.4%

24 March , 2024  

PrJSC “Production Association “Stalkanat-Silur” (Odesa) ended 2023 with a net loss of UAH 720 thousand, while in 2022 it amounted to UAH 9.494 million.

According to the information for the annual general meeting of shareholders scheduled for April 18 this year, which will be held remotely, the company’s retained earnings at the end of last year amounted to UAH 102.193 million.

The shareholders will summarize the results of the year 2023, including reports from the CEO, the Supervisory Board and the auditor, and decide on covering losses from future periods’ profits. The company’s charter and bylaws will also be amended, and the election of members of the supervisory board will be held.

As reported earlier, the general meeting of shareholders held on September 3, 2021, decided to spin off Stalkanat-Silur and establish a new company, Stalkanat, with the transfer of some property, rights and obligations to it in accordance with the approved distribution balance sheet.

Stalkanat-Silur CEO Sergey Lavrinenko previously explained to Interfax-Ukraine that all shares in the newly created PrJSC Stalkanat are to be distributed among all shareholders of PrJSC Stalkanat-Silur. The shareholders agreed to spin off Stalkanat, which will take over the Odesa industrial site. In turn, Stalkanat-Silur will also be retained, with Silur located in the temporarily uncontrolled territory (Khartsyzsk, Donetsk Oblast) on its balance sheet.

PJSC PA “Stalkanat-Silur” (Odesa) previously had two branches – in Odesa and in Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region, on the oil and gas pipeline. On December 1, 2016, the company’s management officially announced the closure of the company’s branch in Khartsyzsk – the relevant announcement was published in the newspaper Uriadovyi Kurier. Later, the management of PJSC “PA “Stalkanat-Silur” announced the seizure of the company’s branch in Khartsyzsk on the tubing and sent a statement to the National Police.

According to the third quarter of 2023, David Nemyrovsky (Ukraine) owns 50.0001% of the shares of PJSC PAO Stalkanat-Silur, Anton Mikhalenko (Israel) owns 23.7%, and Maria Kondratyuk (Ukraine) owns 23.1%.

The authorized capital of PJSC Stalkanat-Silur currently amounts to UAH 8.346 million.