Business news from Ukraine


3 January , 2021  

The national budget of Ukraine for 2021 foresees UAH 81.3 billion for the development of road infrastructure, according to the presentation of the document prepared by the Ministry of Finance and posted on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.
Out of the indicated UAH 81.3 billion for the development of road infrastructure, UAH 66.4 billion will be financed from the Road Fund. In particular, UAH 31 billion will be used for the development and maintenance of highways of state importance, UAH 18.1 billion for the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of local roads (subvention).
Another UAH 14.8 billion are foreseen for the fulfillment of debt obligations on borrowings under state guarantees for the development of the road network. Also, UAH 2.5 billion in the 2021 state budget has been allocated to ensure road safety.
The development of the road network is also expected at the expense of funds for the implementation of state investment projects in the amount of UAH 250 million, funds of international financial organizations in the amount of UAH 4.6 billion and through borrowing under state guarantees in the amount of UAH 10 billion.
At the same time, the resources of local budgets for the development of municipal roads and streets of united territorial communities (due to excise tax on fuel) is estimated at UAH 8.05 billion.