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State budget of Ukraine in 2022 with a deficit of more than 900 billion UAH

5 January , 2023  

Ukraine’s state budget deficit in December due to the receipt of a significant amount of grants decreased to 99 billion UAH from a record level of 170 billion UAH a month earlier, including the general fund – to 101.3 billion UAH from 163.3 billion UAH, the Ministry of Finance said on its website.

According to its operational data, in general, the state budget of Ukraine in 2022 executed with a deficit of 911.1 billion UAH, including the general fund – 909.5 billion UAH against the planned in the estimate 1399.5 billion UAH.

The Ministry of Finance specified that the actual state borrowings to the general fund of the state budget for 2022 amounted to 1261.1 billion UAH or 67.3% of the planned for this period, including from the placement of government bonds, 666.9 billion UAH, of which 103.9 billion UAH in foreign currency ($2.1 billion and EUR 980.6 million), and by 400 billion UAH hryvnia securities were purchased by the National Bank.

According to preliminary data of the Ministry of Finance, about $31 billion was financed from foreign sources, including about $14.3 billion, or 480.6 billion UAH in grants, which are recorded as state budget revenues.

As reported, in 2021, the deficit of the general fund of the state budget of Ukraine was 166.8 billion UAH, including in December – 108.1 billion UAH.

The state budget of Ukraine for 2023 was approved with a marginal deficit of 1296.5 billion UAH, including for the general fund – 1124.6 billion UAH.