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Super offer from ADONIS

10 January , 2024  

Difficult times require unity. Unity when we are overcoming an illness or taking care of ourselves, maintaining our health. Unity to live and work in a country at war. Unity to survive despite financial and economic challenges.

Unity has always been our code – together we are strong. We are one family.

Together we become stronger and can do more. We invite everyone to join the exclusive program for Ukrainians “ADONIS Family”.

For a member of the “ADONIS Family”, the annual service program costs 3,500 UAH (instead of 5,900) + access to super prices for other services (discounts up to 25%).
Terms of the special offer:
– You can buy an annual maintenance package until 31.03.24 (the number of offers is limited).
– By paying a one-time fee of UAH 3,500, you get annual maintenance services worth UAH 5,900 (saving UAH 2,400) + access to the minimum prices for other services on the price list.
– The ADONIS Family super offer is available at all our branches.
– Citizens aged 18 years and older can use the program individually. Only one person from a family can use one program.
– Additional discounts (for military personnel, pensioners, etc.) do not apply to the annual program and are not summarized.

View the price list

In the future, within a year from the date of conclusion of the contract, the patient can be served at the super price in the attachment, where prices are 5-25% lower depending on the service.

Examples of discounts for services under the program:

– Medical consultations – 25%;
– Ultrasound, CT, endoscopy – 15%;
– MRI – 8%;
– General blood tests, urine tests, biochemical blood tests, blood glucose – 20%;
– Inpatient surgery – up to 10-15%;
– Massages – up to 15%;
– Physiotherapy and rehabilitation – 10%;
– Dental services (therapy, surgery, hygiene procedures) – 15%;
– Dentistry (implantation, prosthetics, orthopedics) – 8%.

The price list (special prices of the Family) may be changed 2 times a year in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Emergency care without extra charge for transportation costs is available within Kyiv, Vyshneve, Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka, Irpin, Bucha.

To call an ambulance, please call
0 800 707 707

How to take advantage of the special offer?

You can conclude a service agreement under the “ADONIS Family” super offer at the reception desk of any ADONIS outlet.

Contact center number

0 800 707 707

When making an appointment, please inform us that you want to take advantage of this special offer.

Taking care of your health, the team of ADONIS clinics!

The club card is activated 48 hours after purchase

ADONIS is a network of private medical centers for adults and children. ADONIS private clinic was founded more than 20 years ago.

Its network includes 12 branches in Kyiv and the region, including two own maternity hospitals and a stem cell laboratory.

In the clinic’s branches, doctors provide services in 66 medical areas.

During the war, the branches with surgical units continue to help patients by providing high-quality medical care to military and civilians.