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Doctor of Life Sciences will conduct a lecture on junk food and healthy nutrition on
February 20, 2020 at 7 PM at the following address: MaxEvents Center, 51/1A Vasylʹ
Tyutyunnyk St. (previously Anri Barbuys St.), Office 112 (Residential Park Frantsuzʹkyy Kvartal, Palats Ukrayina Metro Station).
Doctor will give a lecture on the following topic: “Do we have to be scared of food that we consume, “E” sign in the product ingredients list, additives and colorants”; which is a part of a lecture course “How one can survive in metropolitan city?” – questions of healthy eating and healthcare are timeless.
Come and join us for a lecture if you want to know what is added during manufacturing process to food products that we consume and what can be the consequences of that for the consumer. Doctor of Life Sciences, who has 30 years of research activities experience, will share information on food additives, food colorants and preservatives and their influence on human body.
Date: 20.02.20 Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (from 7 PM till 8.30 PM) Price: UAH 300 Location: Educational
Center MaxEvents
Address: 51/1А Vasylʹ Tyutyunnyk St., Office112 (previously Anri Barbyus St.), Palats Ukrayina Metro Station.
To register call +38 (095) 787 7787
Pay UAH 300 online. Card #5168 7453 0060 2502
Send us a screenshot to either Viber or Telegram (Mobile: +38 (095) 787 77 87) after the wire transfer is processed.
Seats are limited, so make sure you reserve your before it’s too late!


At 14:00 Kyiv time on Friday, November 29, the MaxEvents Educational Center at 51/1a Vasylia Tiutiunnyka Street (formerly Henri Barbusse Street), Office 112 (French Quarter Apartment Complex) will host a lecture by unique motivation coach Alexei Gusev on the topic “Real Estate Agent’s Growth Zones. Brief Highlights.” The event will be held with the support of the RED Community.
It is a secret to no one that a person needs to constantly develop to succeed in life.

At the workshop and lecture by Alexei Gusev, you will learn:
1. About the main trends in economics, technology, psychology over the past decade.
2. What changes constantly and what remains unchanged.
3. Who is an expert in the real estate market and why one needs to build up expertise.
4. About the strength of a real estate agent’s personal brand.
5. About basic steps to develop a brand.
6. A real estate agent is a networker. How to do networking with other people?
7. About ways to keep a client for good? Where is your money?
8. How to constantly be useful and do good to your customers?
9. How to charge with positive emotions and make other people happy.
10. About 5 basic things for professional growth of a real estate agent.
11. About books to read in the coming year. Professional advice on personal and business development.
Invest in your own and your employees’ development – this is the best investment!
Alexei Gusev is the best business coach of the Russian real estate market of the year according to CREDO. He works in all CIS countries. Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy. Head of the Real Estate Management Institute “REALIST”. He has practical experience in the field of real estate since 1997, has succeeded in more than 500 real estate deals, conducted more than 3,000 training sessions and workshops. In 2003-2005, he worked as Rector of St. Petersburg Real Estate Institute; in 2006-2007, he was Deputy Head of the State Institute of Real Estate, St. Petersburg. Among his clients are public organizations of the real estate market from different countries.
Time: November 29, 2019 (Friday, November 29).
14:00 – 15:30: Part 1
15:30 – 16:00: Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30: Part 2
Venue: Kyiv’s Palats Ukrayina metro station, MaxEvents Educational Center, 51/1a Vasylia Tiutiunnyka Street (formerly Henri Barbusse Street), Office 112 (French Quarter Apartment Complex).
To register and buy tickets, please call: +38 (095) 787 7 787.
The price of a ticket is UAH 1,000 with a 10% discount for RED Community members.

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