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Ukrposhta to raise prices for parcels from July 1

State joint-stock company “Ukrposhta” from July, 1 will increase tariffs for sending parcels, but claims that they will remain lower than the prices of competitors by 20-30 %.
“The company was able to adjust to the new strict conditions. Even after the cost review, Ukrposhta’s rates will remain 20-30 percent lower than competitors,” the company said in a press release Friday.
According to it, the cost of delivery of items “Ukrposhta Express” will be increased on average by 10 UAH for items sent within one region and by 8 UAH – for items sent within the whole country. At the moment the cost of delivery “Ukrposhta Express” is within the city from 40 UAH for delivery up to 1 kg.
The company points out that since July 1, will also operate new tariffs for services “Ukrposhta Standard”, where the average increase is UAH 7 USD for delivery within Ukraine and UAH 10 – within a single region. In particular if now the delivery cost of parcel with the weight to 1 kg within Ukraine is 35 UAH, then after review it will increase to 42 UAH and the delivery of parcel from 5 to 10 kg will cost 70 UAH instead of 60 UAH.
In “Ukrposhta” noted that the cost of the service “Ukrposhta Documents” and the cost of courier pickup or delivery will increase by 5 UAH. The cost of the service for delivery of documents now is 45 UAH per 1 kg, including 30 UAH for the address fee.
At the same time, the company indicated that a flexible discount system will continue to operate for corporate clients of “Ukrposhta”.
According to the national postal operator, since July, 1 will also increase the cost of delivery of “small recommended packages” on all zones and parcels to seven countries of the Middle East (Algeria, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia).
“These changes will be 10% of the current rates. This is the first price revision for international shipping due to external factors,” the company said.
Foreseeing possible changes, “Ukrposhta” prepared a service of priority delivery “small packages Prime” in 70 key countries of the world, the release said. According to it, its use will allow the customer to get a tariff that is lower than the current one by up to 18%.

“Ukrposhta” announced tender for MTPL insurance

The Ukrainian state postal enterprise Ukrposhta (Kyiv) announced a tender for compulsory civil liability insurance (CMTPL) on June 13.
As reported in the electronic public procurement system “Prozorro”, the expected cost -672.354 thousand UAH.
Documents will be accepted until June 19.
As reported, the winner of a similar tender was IC “Guardian”.

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Ukrposhta chose insurer for MTPL insurance

March 22 Ukrainian state postal enterprise Ukrposhta announced its intention to conclude a contract with IC European insurance alliance (Kyiv) for compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners (MTPL).
As reported in the system of electronic public procurement Prozorro, the price offer of the company amounted to 249.472 thousand UAH with an expected cost of purchasing services at the tender 1.007 million UAH.
Five insurance companies took part in the tender. The finalists besides IC “ESA” were IC “Krajina” with the price offer of UAH 444,648 thousand and IC “Guardian” with UAH 294,473 thousand.
PrJSC European Insurance Alliance was founded on September 22, 1994.
Authorized capital makes UAH 55 mln.
The company is member of the Motor (transport) Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, member of the Agreement on direct settlement of losses and member of the Nuclear Insurance Pool of Ukraine.

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“Ukrposhta” issued first million LED-lamps under EU program

Ukrainians since January 31, the moment of start of the program on exchange of incandescent lamps on LED-lamps, received in “Ukrposhta” the first million of bulbs.
As the company reported in the press release on Saturday, thanks to the EU support the first 4 million bulbs were delivered to regional centers and major cities of the country, residents of Kyiv have already exchanged more than 162 thousand bulbs, residents of Kharkiv – more than 80 thousand, 88 thousand – Dnipro and 69 thousand – Lviv residents.
“The statistics we see are mainly people who came to the branches of “Ukrposhta” without pre-registration. Of course, during the week more people wished to exchange lamps: those who registered in “Diya” only from Wednesday began to receive confirmation of the exchange, some have already managed to come to the branch, and some will receive the lamps next week”, – described the situation by the general director of “Ukrposhta”. Igor Smelyansky.
He noted that next week it will be possible to exchange lamps in the branches of “Ukrposhta” in all cities, not only in the regional centers.
The company said that next week 6 million more bulbs will be available in the cities of district importance, and by the end of February due to the mobile branches of “Ukrposhta” the bulbs should go to the rural areas.
“Thus, at the first stage the citizens of Ukraine in the next month and a half will be able to exchange up to 20 million bulbs” – the company predicts.
According to previously announced estimates, the exchange of incandescent bulbs for 50 million LED-lamps will allow for a shortfall of about 1 GW. The EU will provide Ukraine with 30 billion bulbs, and another 5 million bulbs are expected from France.

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“Ukrposhta” resumes work in Kharkiv region

In the de-occupied communities of Kharkiv region “Ukrposhta” resumes issuing pensions, stationary and mobile offices work.
“One post office can serve up to 6 settlements, and one mobile office – up to 14”, – quotes the OVA press service director of the Kharkiv directorate of JSC “Ukrposhta” Yuriy Savchenko.
According to him, next week it is planned to resume the work of the stationary department of “Ukrposhta” in Volchansk. Such departments are already working in Balakleya, Izyum, Kupiansk, etc.
In total, “Ukrposhta” resumed work in 61% of the liberated settlements in the region.
At the same time, in some communities travel is still prohibited for security reasons.
“Beyond Volchansk to the northeastern direction there is a road, where we do not yet have access. Also, they do not allow access to the Dvurechanskaya community. However, we are given access to the Kupyansk community, which is located on the eastern bank. We plan to extend the period of payment until November 30, because it is necessary to issue pensions to citizens who have not received them for several months,” – Savchenko said.
Almost 730 thousand people are registered in Kharkov region and 166 thousand of them are registered in the de-occupied territories.
According to Victor Achkasov, the head of the Main department of the Pension fund in Kharkov region, Pension fund service centers restored the work in the liberated Balakleya, Izyum, Barvenkov, Shevchenko, Kupyansk, Velyky Burluk, Volchansk and Dergachy. In Borovaya and Dvurechnaya, the service centers are not working yet.


“Ukrposhta” issued new postage stamps “Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!”

JSC “Ukrposhta” issued new postage stamps for the Day of Defenders of Ukraine “Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!”, the press service of the postal operator reported on Friday.
“Today, Ukrposhta presented the first 6 branches and troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the future, we plan to expand this series. And in order to thank the military not in word, but in deed, 8 UAH from each stamp will be directed to support the army,” commented the Director General of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky.
According to the report, the block of stamps is made in a graphic style, where each postage stamp displays images of modern Ukrainian defenders from different units of the troops and contains their emblem.
The stamps represent the Airborne Assault Forces, the Ground Forces, the Naval Forces, the Air Force, the Special Operations Forces, and the Territorial Defense Forces.
The author of the postal issue dedicated to the defenders is Anton Khrupin, a Ukrainian designer from Kramatorsk.
According to the release, the circulation of the stamp sheet is 1 million copies, the cost of one sheet is UAH 120, of which UAH 48 is a charitable contribution.
An envelope “First Day” was also issued for the sheet, thematic artistic envelopes and leaflets, in addition to plots, also contain colors and emblems of each branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Buy postal issue “Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!” You can start from October 14 in the city branches of Ukrposhta throughout the country, as well as in the official online store of the operator.
In addition, the new postal issue will be sold in the official online stores of Ukrposhta on the Prom, Kasta, Rozetka, eBay and Amazon marketplaces.
The company noted that there will be restrictions on the sale of the “First Day” envelope in branches – no more than two per order. It will be possible to order online up to 10 stamp sheets, 10 artistic envelopes and 10 postcards of the same type per order.