Business news from Ukraine


19 June , 2019  

TAS Insurance Group in May 2019 collected UAH 133 million of insurance premiums, which is 32.3% more than in May last year, according to the insurer’s website.
OSAGO occupied the largest share of the insurer’s revenues in May with 38.69% and UAH 51.46 million of premiums attracted, which is 23.2% more than the figure for the fifth month of 2018.
The volume of revenues on Green Card policies, in turn, increased by 64.7%, to UAH 33.13 million of premiums in May, which is 24.91% of the total premiums for the month. KASKO ranked third in the revenue portfolio of TAS group with a share of 18%: some UAH 23.95 million of premiums were collected under land transport insurance contracts during the fifth month of the current year, which is 40.5% more than in the reporting period of 2018.
TAS Insurance Group in May raised UAH 3.81 million in premiums under property insurance contracts, UAH 3.13 million under voluntary medical insurance contracts, while revenues from other insurance contracts amounted to UAH 17.53 million.
In May, TAS Insurance Group paid UAH 58.69 million in insurance claim fees, which is 12.6% more than the amount paid by the company for the fifth month of last year.

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