Business news from Ukraine


6 December , 2021  

Ukrzaliznytsia plans in 2022 to effectively use funds from the two-stage increase in freight tariffs approved in the second half of 2021 and refrain from their additional growth, chairman of the board Oleksandr Kamyshin said.
“Those two increases that have already been adopted seriously hit business. We have no plans to raise freight rates for 2022,” he said at the European Business Association’s infrastructure day in Kyiv.
According to him, the increase in tariffs is $ 1.5-2 per tonne for certain cargo and is quite tangible for their sellers.
Kamyshin emphasized that Ukrzaliznytsia sets the task of properly using the received resources and investing them in infrastructure, in particular, in electrification, which cuts transportation costs three times.
“We have to do our homework,” he said.
He recalled that the tariff increase adopted in 2021 was aimed at converging tariff classes, but the tariff system still requires work “by itself.”
After such a setting of the tariff system, Kamyshin noted it is advisable to switch to linking tariffs to the industrial price index and automatically change them without manual intervention.
As reported with reference to the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure dated October 29, with the beginning of 2022, tariffs for the transportation of a group of goods of the first tariff class by rail will increase by 9%.