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“This is my game”: prominent Ukrainian athletes break stereotypes in sports

17 June , 2024  

The United by Sport NGO presented the social campaign “This is My Game”. This is a series of powerful videos in support of gender equality in sports. The aim is to break stereotypes and prove that there are no “non-female sports”.

The social campaign features well-known Ukrainian athletes and Olympic and Paralympic champions in 5 different sports that are often interpreted as “more masculine,” including

table tennis.

“This is My Game” is part of the Girls in Sport charity program, through which United by Sport improves girls’ physical and mental health, provides opportunities to play various sports, and supports the development of coaches.

“Recently, there has been more and more talk about equal rights for women and men. Despite this, gender inequality in sports remains an urgent problem. Many female athletes often hear that their place is not on the football field or in the ring. United by Sport aims to break these stereotypes and improve the physical and mental health of girls,”
– said Angela Fokina, President of United by Sport.

“This is my game”: a revolution in supporting women in sports

The main characters of the social campaign are famous Ukrainian athletes, winners of the Olympic Games, national and European tournaments and competitions, and the Paralympic Games:

Anastasia Klimachenko, a world-class master of sports, world champion and European vice-champion in beach soccer;
Oksana Livach – Ukrainian freestyle wrestler, World Championship medalist (2018), European champion (2019);
Iryna Koliadenko – Ukrainian wrestler, three-time European champion, silver medalist at the World Championships, bronze medalist at the 2020 Olympic Games;
Kateryna Dubrovina, Honored Master of Sports in archery, Olympic medalist;
Alisa Dubrova, professional table tennis player;
Maryna Lytovchenko, Paralympic table tennis champion;
Larisa Solovyova, 9-time world powerlifting champion.

Each of the athletes reflects strength, beauty, endurance, and choice. They demonstrate by their own example the importance of equal rights in sports.

It should be added that the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, whose tasks include the development of professional and grassroots sports and its popularization, has become the main sports and media partner of the project.

Campaign slogan: “You can be anything you want to be”.

The main message is that anyone can play any sport, regardless of age, gender, or ability. Stereotypes and dogmas have long been destroyed. And the example of the campaign ambassadors proves it. Besides, sport helps to be physically and mentally healthy.

“I am sure that this campaign will inspire many girls who want to play sports but have been hesitant because of social stereotypes or have been opposed by adults who do not understand their sport. We want to show that there are no “men’s” or “women’s” sports – there are only aspirations, perseverance and strength of mind,”
– said Kateryna Dubrovina, Honored Master of Sports in Archery, Olympic silver medalist.

Now anyone can join this movement and support the girls on their way to sports. To do this, just share the video with the hashtags #ThisIsMyGame_UBS #I Have the Right to Sport #SocialCampaign_UBS.

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