Business news from Ukraine


18 March , 2019  

The current president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and all his associates will be accountable before the law for making money on their own army during the war and for their tariff policy, Batkivschyna Party leader and presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko has said.
“We’ll need to arrest anyone who has even taken a penny from the army,” Tymoshenko said during a rally in the town of Chuhuiv, Kharkiv region, announcing her first steps after winning the presidential election.
Tymoshenko referred to a recently published journalistic investigation, “which exposed the corruption of the president and his entourage on supplies from the aggressor country of unsuitable spare parts for Ukrainian military equipment at inflated prices,” the Batkivschyna official website said on Sunday.
Tymoshenko noted that the authorities would bear responsibility for the “tariff orgy” organized during his tenure. She said the illegal increase in gas prices for the population was another source of enrichment at the expense of people, and recalled that Kyiv’s District Administrative Court recently declared that the tariffs were set unreasonably.
The presidential candidate said her coming to power would put an end to the corrupt life of the oligarchic system, which only changed its face in every election. “We will not agree with them, because everyone who agrees hurts the future for Ukraine,” she said.
According to the politician, the first thing she will do as president is “fulfill the commitment that President Poroshenko took during his inauguration: “I will imprison three of his friends for corruption. ….But three friends is not enough,” he said.
According to her, the new government will remove the controlling agencies from the influence of the president in order to stop corruption and oligarchy in the country. According to Tymoshenko, a new Constitution will be adopted after holding a nationwide referendum.

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