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Ukraine’s budget deficit increased to 88.3 billion UAH in April

4 June , 2023  

The state budget deficit of Ukraine in April 2023 increased to 88.3 billion UAH from 32.6 billion UAH in April and 59.2 billion UAH in March, the Ministry of Finance said on its website on Friday.

It specified that the general fund deficit increased to 91.6 billion UAH from 65.6 billion UAH and 72.6 billion UAH respectively.

The Ministry of Finance with reference to the operational data of the State Treasury specified that the cash expenditures of the state budget in May also increased to 364.7 billion UAH from 295.8 billion UAH in April and 300.8 billion UAH in March.

The same picture is in the general fund: the growth to 277.7 billion UAH from 229.7 billion UAH in April and 225.2 billion UAH in March.

As pointed out by the Ministry of Finance, in May 2023, the receipts to the general fund of the state budget increased again to 184 billion UAH from 162.8 billion UAH in April and 152.2 billion UAH in March.

At the same time, international grant assistance provided by the USA amounted to the same UAH 45.7 billion as in the previous two months.

During January-May this year, cash expenditures of the state budget reached UAH 1 trillion 407.9 billion, including general fund – UAH 1 trillion 142.9 billion, or 95% of budget expenditures against 93.8% in April, while state budget revenues amounted to UAH 1,060.9 billion, of which UAH 225 billion were grant international aid.

During those five months, the state budget was executed with a deficit of UAH 341.2 billion, including the general fund deficit of UAH 401.9 billion against the planned schedule of the general fund deficit of UAH 713.9 billion.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada on March 21, 2023 increased the state budget expenditures by 487 billion UAH, revenues – by 61 billion UAH, which led to an increase in the deficit by 419 billion UAH.

Now the state budget revenues are set at 1 trillion 390.4 billion UAH, including the general fund – 1 trillion 233.8 billion UAH, while the expenditures are 3 trillion 75.9 billion UAH and 2 trillion 783.4 billion UAH respectively.

The state budget deficit is set at UAH 1 trillion 719.7 billion, including the general fund at UAH 1 trillion 543.9 billion. It is assumed that it will be financed almost entirely by external borrowing of $42 billion.

The Ministry of Finance specified that the value added tax (VAT) from goods produced in Ukraine in May brought 17.3 billion UAH compared to 16.6 billion UAH in April, but VAT refund again decreased from 11.4 billion UAH to 9.9 billion UAH.

The import VAT added another 28.5 billion UAH (25.1 billion UAH in April), personal income tax and military levy 14.1 billion UAH (13.4 billion UAH), royalties for subsoil use 4.5 billion UAH (4.9 billion UAH), and corporate income tax 28.5 billion UAH (2.3 billion UAH) to the budget.

Excise tax brought another 9.5 billion UAH (9.9 billion UAH) to the state budget; import and export duties accounted for 2.5 billion UAH (2.2 billion UAH), and the tax administration exceeded the estimate by 9.1%, or 8.4 billion UAH.

Besides, if in April the general fund of the state budget received another 35.9 billion UAH from the National Bank in the form of transferring part of profits (and the same amount was transferred to the Fund of liquidation of consequences of armed aggression of the Russian Federation in the special fund of the state budget), in May the general fund supported PrivatBank with dividends of 24.2 billion UAH.

Receipts of ERUs to the Pension Fund and social insurance funds in May 2023 rose to 38.5 billion UAH from 37.9 billion UAH in March, added the Ministry of Finance.

According to him, the actual state borrowing in the general fund of the state budget in May 2023 decreased to 142 billion UAH from 193.4 billion UAH in April and 176.7 billion UAH in March, and a total of 738.9 billion UAH for five months, or 87.9% of the plan.

Of which UAH 240.3 billion (UAH 68.6 billion in May) were received from placement of government bonds for five months, including UAH 80.3 billion (UAH 40.7 billion), or $1027.7 million, and EUR86.9 million ($616.4 million and EUR418 million) in foreign currency.

Credit proceeds from external sources for five months amounted to UAH 425.2 billion, including UAH 73.4 billion in May.

At that, payments on state debt repayment in May 2023 increased to 55.1 billion UAH from 46 billion UAH in April, and on servicing – to 45.7 billion UAH from 13.9 billion UAH.

The Ministry of Finance stressed that the rollover of OVDPs in five months was full: the funds raised from OVDPs allowed to fully cover the needs for payments on them.