Business news from Ukraine


15 July , 2020  

Entry for Ukrainians has already been opened in 25 countries amid coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.
“At the recent briefing, I announced 23 countries that Ukrainians could go to. There are 25 counties now. The Bahamas (I agree that it is distant place, but attractive for travelers) and Lebanon (less popular place for Ukrainian travelers) are added,” Kuleba said at an online briefing on Tuesday.
Earlier, the minister named 23 countries that Ukrainians can also visit: Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Belarus, Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, Egypt, Tunisia, the Republic of Korea, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi and the Seychelles.
The minister spoke about the resource, which was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, where people can get the most complete information about which country and by what rules entry is allowed.
Kuleba spoke about the rules of entry into countries that are popular among Ukrainians.
“Turkey: it is necessary to undergo a medical examination at the border, in case of COVID-19 symptoms, do a free PCR test, have insurance policy for COVID-19 disease, you can buy it online or from a tour operator, or directly at the airport. Entry into Serbia is allowed without restrictions. The result of the PCR test or the obligation to pass a 14-day lockdown is necessary,” he said.
The foreign minister said that the condition for obtaining a permit to enter Croatia for those who are going for tourist purposes is also the presence of a confirmation of the booking the hotel or apartment.
“Entry into Montenegro is also a popular vacation destination and is allowed, but for those who leaving Serbia, a 14-day observation in a lockdown facility is required. The Bahamas: prior to departure, permission must be obtained on the Bahamas Travel Agency’s website and on arrival you must show the results of a negative test. Tunisia: the result of the PCR test and lockdown from 7 to 14 days are required,” Kuleba said.