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12 April , 2019  

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on April 12 announced a tender to develop the Dolphin Black Sea shelf section under the product sharing agreement (PSA). Government resolution No. 70 dated April 12, 2019 has been published in the Uriadovy Kurier government’s newspaper. The term of the PSA is 50 years. The winner of the tender must provide a geological survey of the subsoil at the site, including the drilling of at least five wells during the first stage (five years) of geological exploration. The minimum investment that must be made in this period will be determined by the results of the tender, but must be at least UAH 1.5 billion.
The maximum part of compensation products, thanks to which the investor can be compensated for his expenses, is 70% of the total volume of production. The share of the state in profitable products should be at least 11% of its total volume.
In order to promote the holding of a fair tender, persons who have special permits to use subsoil but do not properly implement the subsoil programs are not allowed to participate in the tender.
As reported, the initiative to develop the Dolphin section belongs to Frontera Resources, engaged in the exploration and production of gas and oil.

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