Business news from Ukraine


13 December , 2021  

The Ukrainian subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia changed its name to JSC IR Bank (JSC International Reserve Bank), according to the unified public register of legal entities and sole proprietors. According to the Opendatabot, the bank was renamed on December 10.
As reported, Sberbank of Russia decided to change the name of its subsidiary Sberbank JSC (Kyiv) to JSC IR Bank, as evidenced by the decision of Sberbank of Russia on September 27, published on its website.
Earlier, with reference to the materials of the Ukrainian Patent Office, it was reported that Sberbank back in 2018-2019 filed applications for registration of the names of the International Reserve Bank (IRB) in Ukrainian, Russian and English, as well as related trademarks, with Ukrpatent.
In August 2021, the Supreme Court of Ukraine upheld the position of the state-owned Oschadbank (Kyiv) and prohibited the Ukrainian subsidiary of the largest Russian bank from using the Sberbank trademark in Ukraine.
Sberbank (earlier a subsidiary bank of Sberbank of Russia, before that it was bank NRB) was founded in 2001. Its sole owner is Sberbank of Russia.
According to the National Bank of Ukraine, as of October 1, 2021, Sberbank ranked 10th in terms of total assets (UAH 58.397 billion) among 71 banks operating in Ukraine.