Business news from Ukraine


24 May , 2022  

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will cooperate with Microsoft on documenting the war crimes of the Russian Federation, and the Xbox game service will be officially launched in Ukraine, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said.
According to him, Ukrainian accounts will appear on Xbox, and the Ukrainian language will appear on the consoles.
“This was agreed in Davos at a meeting with Microsoft President Brad Smith. In addition, the Microsoft team plans to help the digital industry of Ukraine during the recovery,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.
Fedorov noted that the Ministry of Digital Development has been cooperating with Microsoft for a long time, and they actively support Ukraine during the war: they became one of the first companies that suspended all new sales of products and services in Russia in early March and provided free cloud services for Ukraine until the end of 2022.
“Microsoft has supported and will continue to support Ukraine, it was very important to hear this from Brad Smith,” the minister added.
According to him, the company calculated that through their initiatives they provided Ukraine with digital support for $242 million. This includes financial grants, promotional campaigns, free access to the company’s products and services, and equipment.