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1 July , 2022  

In January-June 2022, Zaporizhstal reduced output of rolled products by 46.6% compared to the same period last year, to 839,400 tonnes.
According to the enterprise on Friday, steel production decreased by 53.6% over six months of 2022, to 922,300 tonnes, and cast iron – by 48.1%, to 1.134 million tonnes.
In June of this year, the steel plant produced 146,900 tonnes of cast iron (43.1% compared to June 2021), 69,600 tonnes of steel (21.2%), 83,000 tonnes of rolled metal (50.2%).
“The decline in production compared to the same period last year is associated with a shortage of raw materials and logical problems caused by full-scale hostilities on the territory of Ukraine,” the press release explains.
At the same time, it is recalled that in connection with the aggravation of hostilities in the region since the beginning of March, Metinvest Group has transferred part of the equipment of Zaporizhstal to the hot conservation mode. At the end of March, Zaporizhstal partially resumed the work of the cold rolling shop for production and shipment of cold rolled coils to the European consumer. A month after the forced shutdown, the plant took the equipment out of conservation and partially resumed production. Since April 2022, the plant has been operating at an average of 50% of its capacity.
It is also reported that the Ukrainian defenders received another batch of ammunition and drones from Zaporizhstal of Metinvest Group. So, over the past two weeks, Zaporizhstal has handed over 2,100 body armor, 1,000 Kevlar helmets, as well as three reconnaissance drones to the servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine and the territorial defense, who protect Zaporozhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions.
Zaporizhstal is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine, whose products are in great demand among consumers both in the domestic market and in many countries of the world.

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