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15 May , 2022  

Zaporizhia metallurgical plant Zaporizhstal has mastered the production of double-mass cold-rolled coil without a welded seam – the first batch of a new type of rolled metal for the construction industry has already been shipped.
According to the information of the company on Friday, the plant mastered the first new type of product this year – a cold-rolled coil of double mass without a seam with dimensions of 1.5-2.0×1370-1500 mm. The enterprise has already shipped 3,600 tonnes of a new type of rolled metal for the construction industry.
The company said that a request had been received from potential consumers from Europe.
“They wanted rolls of the fourth type of rolled products with a width of 1500 mm, but at the same time the weight of the rolls would be at least 9 tonnes. We had already produced similar products before, but it was necessary to review the technology. We almost immediately began to develop a new type of rolled products,” Deputy Head of the cold rolling shop (CHP) in charge of production Serhiy Kuzmenko, who is quoted by the company’s press service, said.
He added that the new technology was developed quickly: 14 days passed from the client’s request to the production of the first trial batch of rolls.
At the same time, earlier the company produced rolls weighing up to 8 tonnes and 3.8 mm thick. To obtain such a coil, two lightweight coils were welded in the BTA-4 line in the cold rolling shop and coils with seams were obtained. Now the production technology has changed. New coils are produced in the hot rolling shop, and their thickness is changed in the cold rolling shop. Thanks to the new production technology, it was possible not only to master a new type of product, but to save about UAH 1 million due to its implementation.
In addition, the efficiency of the pickling unit and the efficiency of the rolling mill have increased. Also, due to the fact that products are packaged not in small rolls up to 8 tonnes, but in large ones, up to 16 tonnes, the cost of packaging materials is almost halved, the company said.

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