Business news from Ukraine


21 September , 2020  

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is ready to provide funds to Ukraine to implement energy and energy saving projects if the risk factors can be controlled, Head of the EIB Resident Representation for Ukraine Jean-Erik de Zagon said.
He said that the EIB is ready to provide the funds if the Ukrainian government can convince the bank of the economic viability of the potential projects. .
He said at the 11th Energy Day organized by the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency on Thursday.
At the same time, the Head of the EIB Resident Representation in Ukraine said that the bank sees many opportunities for cooperation with the government of Ukraine, specifying that “the EIB in Ukraine has a portfolio totaling EUR 6.5 bln. It includes many project in energy sector, social and economic infrastructure, transport and connectivity, local private sector development, and innovation. ”
At the same time, according to de Zagon, with regard to international projects on energy efficiency, Europe highly values a clearly defined time frame for achieving climate change.
Speaking about projects that may be of interest to the bank in the future, he pointed out among the others the need to develop bioenergy. As for the diversification of projects, it is likely that biomass will deserve new attention. It is one of the decarbonization tools. It is challenging, but this is the need to process those resources that are raw materials for renewable energy in Ukraine, de Zagon said.
He also focused on that Ukraine has a good existing gas transmission system (GST). It offers a vast potential where development is most necessary by ensuring that the transmission system is supportive of renewable energy (like transport of hydrogen) the EIB representative said.
At the same time, he explained what donors pay attention to when making decisions on financing certain projects and what Ukraine needs to take into account and do in order to receive international funding. This is about the need to balance positions on the energy market and promote legislative initiatives so that legislation of Ukraine met European requirements and standards, he said.
As for the National Action Plan, the EIB is pleased to cooperate with the government of Ukraine in its implementation, de Zagon said.