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23 June , 2021  

The leadership of the Ukrainian state should return to the idea of ​​creating a separate capable analytical center to study the problems of the Russian Federation, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States (2015-2019) Valeriy Chaly said.
“Scientific analytical centers, serious ones, should work with the NSDC apparatus and, in fact, under the patronage of the president. I would definitely return to the idea and quickly create a capable analytical center on Russian problems. It should be separate, – this is obvious. It is clear that the Institute for Strategic Studies exists, but its ability to submit proposals directly to the president is limited,” Chaly said at a press briefing, titled “NSDC is an Effective Tool that Protects the Interests of the State. New Threats and Challenges to Security” on Wednesday.
At the same time, he emphasized the need to strengthen the vector of foreign policy and international security “from the point of view of forecasts and scenarios in a world that is rapidly changing.”
“We have a weak analysis of what is happening in Asia, that is, in this entire region, which will become key in the next ten years and is beyond our attention,” Chaly said.
In general, in his opinion, Ukraine needs to strengthen the efficiency of public administration.
“I would like to see an increase in the efficiency of public administration through the president’s decision. Today this is a challenge that I would like to draw attention to. In context of an external attack, which comes not only from Russia (from Russia it is an obvious military threat, but there is also from other countries even), the effectiveness of the entire apparatus in the field of security and defense is a key issue that needs to be worked on now,” the diplomat said.

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