Business news from Ukraine


29 October , 2020  

The association Gas Traders of Ukraine, uniting over 30 energy traders, has initiated the launch of a new platform for electronic exchange trading in energy on the Ukrainian Hub commodity exchange, although recently the Ukrainian Energy Exchange has been actively increasing trading volumes.
“At the Ukrainian Hub commodity exchange it is planned to hold tenders for the natural gas, liquefied gas and oil products,” the association said in a release on Tuesday.
According to the public register, Ukrainian Hub commodity exchange LLC was created with a charter capital of UAH 10,000 at the end of August 2020. Its founders on a parity basis were Central Gas and Oil Company LLC (Kyiv) belonged to Roman Storozhev and Ver-Tas LLC (Karlivka, Poltava region) belonged to director Oleksandr Mariukhnich, and the head of the company is Maryna Mariukhnich.
In 2002-2004, Storozhev was Director General of Ukrzakorodonggeologia, then until 2013 he was President of the Association of Subsoil Users of Ukraine, in 2013 he became Deputy Head of the NJSC Nadra Ukrainy, and from the end of that year until May 2014 – he was Head of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine.
Mariukhnich is Director of the Agrarian Exchange, which currently, according to its website, regularly holds auctions for the sale of the property of Nadra Ukrainy.

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