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GDP COULD VARY FROM 0.3% FALL TO 2% RISE IN 2016, RISE BY 1-3.5% IN 2017, 3-4% IN 2018-2019 – CABINET

10 August , 2015  

KYIV. Aug 10 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Ukraine’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016 according to the optimistic scenario will increase by 2% with inflation (December to December) being 12%, according to the macroeconomic forecast approved by the government of Ukraine.

According to Cabinet resolution No. 558 dated August 5, the macroeconomic forecast includes a pessimistic scenario as well, according to which the decline in GDP in 2016 will amount to 0.3% with inflation being 14.7%.

Under the optimistic scenario, it is assumed that in 2017 economic growth will accelerate to 3.5% while inflation will slow down to 8.1%, and in the next two years will stabilize at 4% with inflation being 5.5-5.2%.

The pessimistic scenario assumes that in 2017 GDP will grow by a mere 1% with inflation being 10.3%, while in 2018-2019 its growth will reach 3% at inflation standing at 7.6-5.8%.