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23 April , 2019  

The Glovo international service plans to open a cook-room in Kyiv in August 2019, Glovo Senior Manager in Ukraine Dmytro Rasnovsky has said.
“Today, restaurants in the center of Kyiv are not coping with orders. We need kitchens from which restaurants could take orders. Glovo has such a project, the Glovo cook-room, when we find a room, lease it and prepare it. Then we offer that they be occupied by certain partners, which, for example, have exclusive contracts or good accessibly. I admit that in August we will open the first cook-room and put three or four non-competing partners there,” he told Interfax-Ukraine on the sidelines of the Sup Day Forum 2019.
In this case, Glovo considers different locations.
“On the one hand, we see a need for the center of Kyiv, on the other – in Troyeschyna district, where there are few places [restaurants] from where you can order food. We will carry out the analysis and make a decision,” Rasnovsky said.
In this case, according to him, restaurants often do not cope with the number of online orders. This trend is becoming a “bottleneck” in the food delivery market.
“Kitchens are not ready for such a number of orders, they do not have the capacity to provide such a flow. Restaurants were planned for a certain number of orders, and Internet delivery expands the demand for their services. Startups that provide infrastructure for so-called dark kitchens appear in the world,” Rasnovsky said.
According to him, cook-rooms are a profitable option of “expansion” for those areas of Kyiv, where it is unprofitable to open a restaurant.
“And the ability to open a cook-room under a familiar brand changes everything,” the manager of Glovo said.

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