Business news from Ukraine


27 January , 2020  

The shareholders of HD-group (formerly the Khlibodar group of companies), Serhiy Chekalsky, Borys Shestopalov and Agroservice 2000, which is part of HD-group, have announced the creation of the Stock Capital (Fondovy Kapital) investment fund, whose assets will amount to $20 million, the group’s press service has said. According to its press release, the fund was created with the aim of consolidating the resources of HD-group, managing core acquisitions in 2020-2021, and implementing direct and portfolio investments in the agri-food segment (processing, production and food startup projects).
The group indicated that Stock Capital would be managed by AMC Slavutich Invest.
“Opening an investment fund is the next step on the way to the development of HD-group. We have implemented most of the project in the field of transformation, created a whole set of internal services that ensure the functioning of all business processes related to the fulfillment of the key mission of the enterprises included in HD-group: delivery of high-quality and safe products to customers. We believe that the holding is ready for not only organic market growth, but also inorganic through transactions to acquire new enterprises,” the press service said citing co-owner of HD-group Borys Shestopalov.
HD-group was founded in 1998 as Khlibodar in Zaporizhia. In 2019, it was transformed into HD-group. The group includes grain processing plants, bakeries and flour confectioneries, a plant for production of jam, preserves, groceries, procurement and logistics companies.